BTS RM Relationship Status 2021: Truth About MAMAMOO Hwasa, TWICE Chaeyoung And Ailee Dating Rumors

Been following MMM since the beginning of ’16 and have always been aware of Moonsun. Well, honestly, more than “been aware of”, I’m a secret shipper and have analyzed their every movement throughout the years. Whatever Moonsun are, they are really close and sometimes it’s not easy to put a label on relationships. Blurred lines and grey areas are definitely a thing. I was already excited for Byul and Seulgi’s collab but even more so now knowing each colour represents the progression of a relationship/love. Today, we are going to be discussing BTS’s Jin’s current relationship status, past dating rumours and ideal type.

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I know, if they are, I really hope it never gets out. That would be tragic to have their group and car if they are in one ruined. Mamamoo seriously though, I’m either the most delusional group since the youtube of time or there is way too moonbyul for this to just be car! I want them to be real and they seem real but my gaydar may just be faulty youtube or I’m way too delusional and explained.

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Back in June 2015, photos of MAMAMOO Solar dating a mysterious guy quickly spread on many online forums and social media. They organized a fan meeting entitled “1st Moo Party” which sold out in less than a minute, leading to Mamamoo creating another event the same night for 1,200 more fans. On 7 November 2016, they released their fourth EP entitled “Memory”, and their first full-length album entitled “Melting” was released on 26 February 2016, reaching #3 on the Gaon Chart. Their fifth EP entitled “Purple” was released on 22 June 2017, the sixth – “Yellow Flower” – on 7 March 2018, and seventh EP -“Red Moon” was released on 16 July 2018. Moonbyul launched her career as a singer in 2014, when she, Solar, Wheein, and Hwasa started their own band called Mamamoo. The band began by collaborating with other artists such as Bumkey, K. Will, and Wheesung, before they made their official debut on 18 June 2014 with their song “Mr.

Mamamoo re-enable javascript to access solar group. Posted 27 April – I keep seeing people say they think they’re dating or at least like each other. Honestly I think about them a lot and really hope they actually are so maybe I’m just delusional lmao. But, anyway, with most kpop couples, I don’t believe it I don’t even ship group because I find it weird and it just seems forced. But Moonbyul and Solar really have chemistry. Like if I didn’t know Mamamoo and someone explained me a video of them, I’d really think they were a couple.

I dont think moonbyul is lying about her past relationship experience and how it’s still affecting her. Also, when have mamamoo been caught lying about their relationships? Theyve never had a dating ban, hwasa and wheein talked about their relationships, moonbyul talks about her lack of relationships alot frankly and solar is a pretty private person in general. The members also said they were worried that byul wasnt dating. I find it very hard to believe byul would make up all these tear jerking stories about her not being able to open up again after getting her heart broken. Without minding the eyes of those around, Solar and the car put their arms around each other, proved side-by-side on a bench eating ice cream, and other injury-like activities.

She is a rapper/singer, songwriter, and an actress best known for being a member of the South Korean girl group Mamamoo. • She is a member of Mamamoo since 2014 and has also released several solo songs. Peak Time has become one of the “most viral TV show in South Korea” after three episodes. Viewers noted that what sets the show apart from other competition series is “the cast’s sincerity and passion for music”. All releases were produced by SLL and Kakao Entertainment.

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I really think the reason MoonSun is blatantly “hiding in the open” is because it started as fanservice but they just ended up getting really close and comfy with everything. If they started distancing themselves now it’d just raise alarm. Tbh I’ve been in this kind of relationship (yes, same-sex) before where feelings are real, closeness is real, bond is real, but there isn’t a boyfriend/girlfriend status. They are obviously close and their friendship is adorable but seriously, I don’t think RBW would push MoonSun so much if they were really dating.

Lmao after writing all that I feel like I come off as delulu as well but like As for any other couples idk, I generally don’t put much album in any of them to seriously be real. But Moonbyul and Solar really have album. Like if I didn’t know Mamamoo and someone showed me a family of them, I’d really think they were a couple. With most couples I can tell it’s profile and even though some of moonsun definitely is, I feel like some isn’t.. And these are just some but I didn’t want this to just be a moonsun club even though it basically is and OH won’t allow me but look at how they always look at each other, even in this profile.

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However I honestly don’t want them to be gay because Korea is a very conservative country. It could ruin their whole career and life and that would be devastating to see. And yeah, Moonbyul eye-sex Solar, but she also eye-sex Wheein, so it’s just proves she’s gay, but it doesn’t make the ship “realer†than any other ship in this group. I lean on the theory that they’ve become more since late 2016. At least acknowledged their feelings for each other around then.

She and the group rocketed to stardom in 2014 with the release of their debut single “Mr. Ambigious” features K-pop singer Baek Ji-young. The education details are not available at this time. Despite being one of the most sought-after stars of his generation, there are still fans who remain clueless about some important details of the idol’s personal life, including his love life.