Bitcoin Price and Ethereum to Gain Support at 38 2% Fibonacci Level; Litecoin Jumps 23%


If you’re wondering how to set up your charts to indicate these levels, read on to find out how you can do that using the popular Tradingview platform. Traders use Fibonacci levels to estimate possible entry and exit levels in the market. Technical analysts believe that this ratio coincides between certain stages of price developments and traders’ behaviors.

You can see that the price of ETH rose from A to B and then retraced to the 50% level. If ETH is in a clear bull trend , it will make sense to buy Ethereum, because the bounce occurred at 50% which some traders say is very profitable even though it is not a Fibonacci number. Obviously it is also used in technical analysis as we will see in this article. Now that we have the method on how to calculate Fibonacci retracement, let’s delve into some practical examples of Fibonacci pattern crypto trading. Next, to chart Fibonacci retracement levels, expand the Gann and Fibonacci retracement tool crypto. Click on the 3rd tool icon from the top and select the “Fib retracement” tool.

Identifying support levels

Fibonacci Retracement is a technical indicator that if used properly can definitively tell a trader when to enter and exit a market with very little chance of losing. Though many find it confusing, it can be very profitable if used correctly in the right scenario. So, let’s carry on with our guide on how to draw a Fibonacci retracement using GoodCrypto. First, open the app and put it in fullscreen mode for legibility purposes when reading Fibonacci levels crypto. But is Fibonacci retracement accurate and should you rely on swing high swing low Fibonacci in crypto trading? To answer this question, let’s first explain how to use the Fibonacci retracement in practice.

We introduce people to the world of trading currencies, both fiat and crypto, through our non-drowsy educational content and tools. We’re also a community of traders that support each other on our daily trading journey. Determine significant support and resistance levels with the help of pivot points. Fibonacci clusters are areas of potential support and resistance based on multiple Fibonacci retracements or extensions converging on one price.

How to Use Fibonacci Retracements

In this article, we will discuss what Fibonacci Retracement is and in what scenarios they are most commonly used. We will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the indicator so that you know how to safely use it in future if you wish to. Access the futures market and trade with leverage on the most popular crypto exchanges such as Bitmex, ByBit, FTX, Binance, and KuCoin.

  • Do note that the price could continue to fall below these levels, and uptrends could set in before a complete reversal.
  • If the price starts rallying again and goes to $16, that is an extension.
  • Usually, these will occur between a high point and a low point for a security, designed to predict the future direction of its price movement.
  • Among the most popular Fibonacci levels are Fibonacci retracement levels, which help identify potential support and resistance zones.
  • Non of them were confirmed and a decline followed, showing us that EURUSD does not have the strength to reverse the trend now.

In the fibonacci retracement bitcoin below, we placed our Fibonacci bottom level at a major support line on $3,600 for ETH/USD. This will allow you to place the most common Fibonacci retracement levels, including the extremely popular 50 Fibonacci retracement level. While this level isn’t obtained by calculating the ratios as we explained earlier in the article, setting a Fibonacci retracement level at the 0.5 level can be very useful. It often acts as a strong support/resistance within the trend and you should use this Fibonacci retracement level liberally. To learn how to use the Fibonacci retracement tool, you need to understand how to read the lines provided by the aforementioned Fibonacci crypto ratios. Mathematically derived trading decisions are handy, but notwithstanding, they still have a relatively wide error margin.

Here are some commonly asked questions about Fibonacci retracement and extensions to help WAVES clear up any remaining questions. ETH/BTC is a popular cryptocurrency trading pair that denominates the price of Ethereum in Bitcoin. Developed by Leonardo Fibonacci in 1170 AD, Fibonacci ratios represent a set of key numbers created by considering two extreme points of the ratios. Any opinions, news, research, predictions, analyses, prices or other information contained on this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. D2T, developed by the Learn 2 Trade service, provides investors with market-driven insights, trading signals, and prediction services.

In case of a bounce from these levels, the trader can buy back assets and make profits from the price swing towards the previous Fibonacci retracement level. During price uptrends, a crypto asset is likely to meet critical resistance levels at each of the Fibonacci levels. The first major resistance level for an asset in an uptrend is after the first 20-25% price gain. When it overcomes this resistance level, the next number in the Fibonacci sequence is the next likely resistance level. This results from the likelihood of a good number of traders taking profits at these levels. Financial market technical analysis employs tools such as chart patterns, indicators, and trendlines to determine the best buying and selling…

Plotting Fibonacci to the chart is very simple but can be confusing sometimes. BitDegree Crypto Reviews aim to research, uncover & simplify everything about the latest crypto services. Easily discover all details about cryptocurrencies, best crypto exchanges & wallets in one place. Read fact-based BitDegree crypto reviews, tutorials & comparisons – make an informed decision by choosing only the most secure & trustful crypto companies.


The way to recognize that you are looking at an emerging Fibonacci pattern is also the color of the direction arrow. If it is grayed out, the pattern is emerging, but a more obvious feature is the pink dot on emerging patterns. This is because the patterns with more points contain or are made up from patterns with fewer points. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation.

Finding Fibonacci retracement support involves drawing the Fibonacci tool across the price action from the bottom to the top of a completed trend. Fibonacci crypto trading begins with reading the tool once it has been properly drawn as described above. Ralph Nelson Elliott found the ratios would appear within certain price patterns and is part of the foundation of Elliott Wave Theory. Fibonacci ratios are also an integral part of identifying harmonic chart patterns such as the bat, crab, gartley, or butterfly. You need to pick a high and low price – the most significant latest swing/trend move, and the vertical distance between them is divided by these ratios. When using Fibonacci retracement levels to identify support, we are attempting to predict where the price may retrace to after moving up.

Customers will be given enough information to make informed decisions, according to the cryptocurrency initiative. ETH is currently testing the 50-day moving average line at $1,175 and a bearish crossover below this level could lead to a 38.2% Fib level of $1,160. This level has previously served as a barrier, and it is likely to maintain BTC’s bullish trend.


These levels coincide with general traders’ behaviors, and the Fibonacci sequence as well! Ready to attempt guessing the next number with your knowledge of the Fibonacci sequence? An Italian mathematician named Fibonacci developed a sequence that can be found in both nature and mathematics and named after himself. When traders in the financial industry examine a price chart to look for potential turning moments, they make use of these indicators. Fibonacci retracement is based on the sequence of hidden levels within the horizontal lines of support and resistance at which crypto prices have a chance of turning around. The primary tiers consist of 23.6%, 38.2%, 61.8%, and 78.6% respectively.

Among them are Fibonacci retracements and extensions, which are tools based on a string of numbers called the Fibonacci sequence. Specifically, a trader can derive levels in a trend that price is likely to respect by dividing a peak to trough or trough to peak distance by the golden ratio and other ratios in the sequence. Price tends to come back to these levels before continuing the predominant trend. Fibonacci extension levels indicate levels that the price could reach after an initial swing and retracement.

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If they were that simple, would always place their orders at Fibonacci retracement levels and the markets would trend forever. Fibonacci retracements are trend lines drawn between two significant points, usually between absolute lows and absolute highs, plotted on a chart. The other argument against Fibonacci retracement levels is that there are so many of them that the price is likely to reverse near one of them quite often. The problem is that traders struggle to know which one will be useful at any particular time. When it doesn’t work out, it can always be claimed that the trader should have been looking at another Fibonacci retracement level instead.

Does trading Fibonacci work?

That said, many traders find success using Fibonacci ratios and retracements to place transactions within long-term price trends. Fibonacci retracement can become even more powerful when used in conjunction with other indicators or technical signals.

The golden ratio is found all over nature, such as hurricane spiral, the curl of an elephant tusk, in ammonite shells, or in DNA. More importantly to crypto traders, the ratio works in potentially estimating the growth patterns in financial markets. Major cryptocurrencies were trading unevenly early on November 25th, as the global crypto market cap fell 1% to $828.27 billion on the previous day. In contrast, the total crypto market volume fell 47% in the ADA fibonacci retracement bitcoin last 24 hours to $48.87 billion. Among the most popular Fibonacci levels are Fibonacci retracement levels, which help identify potential support and resistance zones. These levels are often used to identify entry and exit points, or to decide where to put a trigger for stop orders.

Fib crypto trading involves using Fibonacci retracement and extension levels to find support and resistance levels, or areas of interest where reversals may occur. Another tool crypto traders can use is called the Fibonacci retracement tool. It is used to project Fibonacci ratios at key retracement or extension targets which can be used to find potential support or resistance levels.

To conclude, GoodCrypto can be the perfect companion in the extremely demanding world of crypto trading. Once the price reaches the 0.236 line ($47,296), the trader can safely close the short position with an ~8% gain. Using Fibonacci retracement is appealing because there are no set rules on how to properly use Fibonacci retracement. Any point that seems relevant to you in a price trend can be used as a reference. In the Bitcoin example below, we selected the yearly high and the yearly low as points of reference for the 1-week chart. The strategies covered in this article are for information purposes and are not intended to serve as financial advice.