Are You Stalking Your Ex On Social Media And In Other Ways

Let’s face it, sometimes you think of people from your high school too. Forcing yourself to stop thinking about them could induce the counterproductive effect. You just need a good strategy to deal with those thoughts such as finding a positive characteristic about yourself each time you think the other person is better .

But this whole thing with my ex is really either making me feel scared, angry or as though I’m not safe and my friends and family aren’t safe. I would tell my parents and sister but they’ll just tell me to get over it as he’s just “being nice”. Things have taken a rather scary turn, as he found my Instagram and messaged me when I was asleep. I have him blocked on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. I even wrote a note warning my parents that if he ever tried to contact me again I would be changing my phone number. So, checking their social media accounts sometimes, but not obsessively, is understandable.

Let’s pay close attention to what constitutes stalking before we tell you how to stop stalking your ex. Even though you may have no intention of getting back together with your ex, a part of you finds it hard to let go. When you’re stuck in the ‘can’t have them, can’t forget them’ loop, keeping tabs on their lives seems like the next best thing to do. These questions keep whirling in your head.

If you don’t want her back, start living an enjoyable life with a new woman

“Stalking your ex on social media is a lose-lose for both of you,” says Barrett. Not only might it make your ex feel uncomfortable, it also “makes it harder for you to move on.”. Breakups might seem like singular moments in time — a single text message, a handful of words, a short conversation — but the pain of a breakup can span much longer. Why do you feel the police laughed at you and did nothing to help you when you have pictures and/or videos to show them? Is it clear in the picture and videos that it is the same person or is there anything on them that are definitely showing this person is stalking you?

An intimate partner would know your daily routine and be able to follow you pretty easily. Phone a friend when you start obsessing or feel the urge to stalk. In addition to spending time with loved ones in general, lean on your support system when you need help in the moment. If you feel obsessive thoughts percolating, call a trusted friend or relative to redirect yourself.

How to Not Stalk Your Ex on Social Media

Stalking isn’t always a person being overly nice by sending bouquets of flowers or cards. The whole purpose of a stalker is to get access to you. And filing a lawsuit means spending time with you. She didn’t handle the separation like DatingReport an adult, and her use of social media increased substantially. It was only later when she started dating someone new that she got over her ex. You can then start dating them, having sex and enjoying new love and relationships.

It takes one search to get all the dope you need on the goings-on in their life. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 195,807 times. You might not be ready to date, but a little harmless flirting can boost your self-confidence and distract you from your ex. But by limiting your social media contact and distracting yourself with other things, you can not stalk your ex on social media. I ended my relationship with a narcissist almost almost a year ago.

Being obsessed with a woman to the point where you are needy and even stalking to her is not the way to make her feel emotionally attracted. After enjoying some fun times with other people, you can then call your ex on the phone, or meet up with her in person to say hi. You don’t have to date any of them if you don’t want to, but let yourself see that women don’t hate you.

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I think I typed something about “ex” on google and then your blog showed up. I spent in my balcony 3 hours going through everything, reading it over and over again and truly I felt like I was the reincarnation of you in a present life. I’ve no idea, all I know is that night changed it all. I’m here waiting anxiously for every new post and instead of stalking my ex anymore I am stalking you on snapchat! Natasha I can’t thank you enough for writing this blog and making us feel understood and empowered.

I wish I read your article two days sooner. Some stalkers will appeal to your family members and friends, especially if they had a good relationship with them while you were together. Your ex may ask for new contact information, where they can find you, or try to get details about how you’re doing in general and who you’re seeing now. Your best bet is to tell all your loved ones and even coworkers to avoid your ex and make sure they don’t give them any information about you. Some stalker exes are bitter over the breakup and want to damage anything that you own. If your vehicle is being sabotaged with keyed paint or slashed tires, those are signs of stalking by an ex.

It’s easy to want to know everything about someone who was such a big part of your life. But really, is it OK to stalk your ex on social media? Maybe it’ll give you the answers you were looking for, but do you actually want to know if your ex has moved on? Or if they deleted all your pictures together? A part of you might, but I spoke to two experts, and they both agree that stalking your ex is so unhealthy.

Know why you’re doing it in the first place. Instead of stalking your ex, stalk a celebrity? So you can feel even more unattractive, unworthy, out of shape, and depressed? Because my answer to the “how to stop stalking your ex” question is not obvious or common. In fact, it’s the opposite of everything that’s out there.